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Individual Therapy - 60 minutes

Psychotherapy, sex therapy and coaching for individuals.

Service Description

Our work with individuals tends to focus on exploring and embracing sexuality and healing from trauma. We offer individual psychotherapy and sex therapy to clients in Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado and Texas, and we offer coaching to clients all over the world. The first session will be an Intake, where we gather information about your history and functioning in a variety of dimensions of your life. We then go into a more extensive sexual history questionnaire process that spans several sessions that allows for rapport-building and information-gathering with space to begin addressing any immediate concerns. We offer EMDR as a component of an eclectic approach of healing trauma. When traumatic events get triggered in the present, our bodies react as though the event is currently happening even though our brains know its not. EMDR helps to strengthen the brain-body connection and create some distance between the memory and the present. It's a protocol that can be applied to a variety of events across a person's lifespan. We believe that a holistic, integrated approach to overall health helps to promote mental and emotional health. We believe in a strong meditation practice, mindful eating and consistent exercise. We educate on these benefits and help clients build sustainable habits that improve mental wellness.

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